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Saturday, 25 April 1981

A Headache Tomorrow (Or A Heartache Tonight) - Mickey Gilley

Saturday, 25 April 1987

Rose In Paradise - Waylon Jennings

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Saturday, 25 April 1992

jerry-lee-lewis The Internal Revenue Service intercepts a $10,000 check paid to Jerry Lee Lewis in Savannah, Georgia, and applies it toward his $2 million tax debt RolandNote

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Born This Day.....

  1. O. B. McClinton (1940)
    O. B. McClinton (1940)
  2. Stu Cook (ex Southern Pacific) (1945)
    Stu Cook (ex Southern Pacific) (1945)
  3. Rob Crosby (1954)
    Rob Crosby (1954)

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The last Brooks & Dunn single to feature Kix on lead vocals was 1999's "South of Santa Fe." However, Kix and Ronnie usually split lead vocals on the band's albums.

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ICountryMemorie Error - we incorrectly gave the wrong year for Lorrie Morgan's birthday on June 26 as 1924 instead of 1959. Our apologies to Lorrie.
ICountryMemorie Number One song 40 years ago today - Mickey Gilley - Room Full Of Roses
ICountryMemorie Number One song 33 years ago today - Anne Murray - Blessed Are The Believers
ICountryMemorie Born this day - Elton Britt (1913) , Lloyd George ([Lonzo #1] Lonzo & Oscar) (1924), Rosalie Allen (1924), Lorrie Morgan (1924)
ICountryMemorie Born This Day - June Carter Cash (1929), Diana Trask (1940), Pake McEntire (1953)

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